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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Thanks to Ernst, Story and to You!

Both astronauts Ernst Messerschmid and Story Musgrave had inspired me lately and kept me walking on my path. When I met Messerschmid during the space congress in Spain, he inspired me. His enthusiastic has stroked me. I admire his work regarding space never stop. He made me realize that there is no beginning or ending for learning. Sometimes I feel that it will take longer than desired to reach my dreams. I had to sacrifice things in order to be here (in Russia) which I had to quit the comfort settled life I had in Kuwait including quitting my job which piss of my boss and thought it was nonsense just for the sake of space. However after meeting Messerschmid, he changed my point view and made me confirmed my desire. It doesn't matter how long it takes but it matters is how much I enjoy the things I do to reach my goal.

Story has inspired me last night when I discovered this documentary movie about him "Before he became an astronaut, Story Musgrave was a mathematician, a chemist at Kodak, a trauma surgeon and a pilot, an experimental parachutist and later a poet and holder of a degree in literature. He has the longest career as an astronaut worldwide and he flew into space more often than anyone, 6 times. He went on his last mission in 1996, at age 61, to conduct several walks in space. He is a father of 6 children… "
He is a great person. He never stop learning over 30 years. After reading his biographical data on NASA website, and visiting his personal website, so last night I decided to post "Quit space? No way!" and I mean it.

Thank you Messerschmid and Story, you are my favorites astronauts beside Sergei Krikalev :) I also want to thank who supported me in last two weeks either by sending me emails or leaving comments on my blog. Your emails and comments helped me to be stronger and back on the track.

Quit Space? No Way!

I'm not gonna give up space! :)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I give up!!!!!!!!!

Life is too short to dream!


I am not in my best moments now. I feel down these days because I don't see my long-term plan will last. Russia is great and I am doing good in my language course. The Russians I meet are surprised that I speak good Russian without any accent. Yeah, I am surprised myself to hear that. Anyway yesterday I was really upset. I wanted to quit everything, Russia, Astronomy Department of KSC, SGAC, SEDS, and my blog. Yes, quitting space! I tried to sleep over it last night and hope to wake up the next morning and feel all better. But I still feel hopeless. I wonder why I like to struggle and fight.

I will give myself some time to think about the final decision of giving up my dreams. I will let you know.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

From Space Expo and Space Congress to Meeting Astronauts Part One

I am almost done with my Krikalev New Year's resolutions because 3 are down. I did them in last September and October. I attended Space Generation Congress and International Astronautical Congress in Valencia, Spain. But before going there I decided to do little European trip starting with Germany. Landing in Frankfurt am Main and Alex was waiting for me, I met Alex last year at Space Generation Congress in Fukuoka, Japan. We took a train with a fantastic view of Rhine River through Braubach, Koblenz, Bonn, and Cologne. My favorite place was visiting Marksburg, a castle from Middle Ages. And climbing the 509 steps in Cologne Catherdral was worth it because of the wonderful view from above. In Bonn I visited Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy since Alex works there and he was my guide the whole European trip. And I saw a street named after Wernher von Braun, the famous racketeer.

Then I went to Space Expo in Noordwijk, Netherland where my ham radio friend Cor (PD0RKC) was waiting for me there and gave me little wooden Dutch shoes. I never met him before and he is the one who helped me on how to contact the International Space Station (ISS) via radio. In the exhibit there was a big Zvezda module of ISS. Of course I played a short roll of being an astronaut: using a glove box, and sitting on the toilet, it was a bit fun hanging out in fake Service Module. Then we went to Amsterdam and took a boat trip on Amstel River.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Kuwait National Radio Observatory

Kuwait National Radio Observatory project is finally approved by Kuwait Science Club. I am happy for Jasem, the project director. I met Jasem through my blog on which he contacted me to help in the project. Since then we start to improve the astronomy department and having new activities for astronomy and space. And I am happy to see the first radio telescope in Middle East will be finished in next year.

"Congratulations, Jasem!"
To read more visit our official website.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Official Website of Kuwait Astronomy Launched

Finally it worked out and we were able to launch the offcial website for Astronomy Department of Kuwait Science Club. Check it out more often to know astronomical events, and space activities that I do and space related events. The website has many features such as "Ask Astronomer", "Memebers profile", "Gallary" and so on. In the future, we plan to have the website in English as well.

Astronomy Department, Kuwait Science Club

Thursday, October 19, 2006

You are adventurous!

"You are adventurous! You have to be a realistic! Don't go to Russia! It's a bad idea …"- some relative said to me on my last day in Kuwait and was not happy about my decision to study Aerospace Engineering in Russia. . I was evaluating the words in my mind when I was in the airplane leaving to Europe but I see myself that I just cannot quit my dream. Most people I meet in Kuwait tell me that I have to be reasonable and keep space activities as a hobby because there is no such a space program in Kuwait. It was really rough time for me to decide on whether I am doing is uncertain or worth doing it. Stay in Kuwait or go to Russia for my dream? What is real the definition of a "dream"? Dream is not reality and it’s not certain. Is it a bad delusion? Is it worth it to go for the dream? I got puzzled from time to time and question myself "Is it okay to live for my dream?" However I believe the best way to achieve the dream is to take the steps. As a result to what I believe, I am blogging from Russia now. YAHOOO!

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